Wednesday, November 10, 2010

THankful days #8

#8.I am so grateful for having me some fun in the rain. It rained all day sunday and it was AWESOME!!! But I especially love these times that I can go out and show my kiddos my "wild" side. I just got out of the shower and brecken and I took a walk to the trash to through away well trash. I said breck watch this, and I jumped into a huge and got myself all wet. Brecken laughed and jumped in too. (My sisters and I use to put on our swimsuits when we would of have downpours at our house serious awesomeness.) Needless to say we were gone a while and went back to get daddy and addi. Dad didn't want wet so he took some pics for us!! Seriously i was soaked and everyone had to shower and bathe again, because we don't have clean puddles here full of dirt and nastiness, oh apt living. Seriously I'd do it again tomorrow!!

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