Friday, August 17, 2012


 Say what wife??? are you talking to me? 
I love this picture...After I got home I realized my sister in law has the same picture of her girls running on the beach!
 Koop all tuckered out from eating so much sand!
Addi running in her dora's after riding dirt bikes...I forgot their swimsuits back at camp.
Kooper's pants were completely covered in wouldn't of know he even had any britches on.  
 it's mud I swear...
 After riding his dirt bike.  Fastest 50 on the beach.
Okay who wants a little nibble!!  Sweetest baby ever!

 The beach was packed and also packed full of crazies.  We had to yell at a few people on rentals to slow down
 The lady charmer baby blues!
 Watching a movie on the way home.
The navigator himself..

So Friday afternoon I get a text from Garrett...."let's get out of the heat and go to Pismo."  I told him he was crazy and I wasn't going camping again.  (remember the last time we went...awful and no one slept and it was only an hour away.  And I also didn't want to spend the money! 

He said fine and that was that....or so I thought.  I get another text message......what are we doing tonight?  I said I dunno..  He says going to Pismo??  I should of known.

So finally he gets home and says lets at least go to LaGrange...(its another place to ride dirt bikes, Garrett went one time with a buddy)  I said fine.....So we run to walmart to get stuff to finish the hitch with for the lighting or something and some snacks....  Then we get out to the car and Gar says ya know we are already spending the money we should just go to pismo and then its 2 days worth of fun and not just a half a day and it will be so cool there...It's going to be hot in Lagrange!  AHHHHH
Finally I said yes and I am so glad we did.  It was just what the Dr ordered.

Garrett stayed up late finishing the hitch and getting the trailer ready... I pulled out all of the camping gear and started packing... We showed up in Pismo at about one... The plan was to camp on the beach it is only $10.  So we show up at the entrance to pay and its camping full....We were like i didn't even know the beach could be "full" for camping..... The lady said once they are full usually everything else is full!!  CRAP!!!  We just drove 3 hours, packed literally the whole house and GARAGE...and now we have no where to sleep.  We pulled over and said a little prayer and then went down the street and decided we would just start plucking away at each camp ground.... Heavenly Father knew we needed this trip.  We pulled in and the lady said they had two tent campsites left and were only for one night!  Hallelujah!  We only ended up spending a few dollars more and we got free entrance to the beach.  The place had showers which were awesome for getting all the sand off the kiddos.  It was such a fun time playing on the beach, getting our 2 wheel van stuck (whoops), watching Garrett and Brecken bond as they rode dirt bikes, and then just watching the kids play and have fun at the campsite!  We are so blessed with our sweet little family, and our health and Garrett's job and so much more!

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